Welcome to TWatch Builder

Thank you for coming to our platform that allows you to implement new apps and watch faces for the amazing LILYGO T-WATCH-2020 smartwatch with little effort. If you don't have one, just click and buy yours from our AliExpress store.

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NOTE: This site has been tested compatible with the T-WATCH-2020 V1 version. The V2 and V3 versions are not tested yet

Bluetooth Notifications

Now you can receive notifications in your T-WATCH-2020 from your Android smartphone. Simply follow the next steps.

  • Download our companion app on your phone from the PlayStore Get it on Google Play
  • Open the phone app and allow the permissions required (location for Bluetooth scan, access to notifications)
  • Download a new firmware to your watch with the "Bluetooth" switch enabled ("Settings" tab in web portal)
  • Link the phone app with your watch using Bluetooth
  • Done

When a new notification arrives to your phone you can view it in your watch. Enjoy !!!

No coding, no pain, just fun

Don't worry if you are not a programmer, still you can customize your watch with amazing apps.

  • Find apps and watchfaces in the Store
  • Customize your watch with your selected apps and watchfaces
  • Update your watch with a simple click using WiFi
  • Develop new watches and apps
  • Share them with other users

For developers (*)

If you are a developer with know-how in C, C++, Arduino and LVGL you could develop new apps to share with other users and allow the community to grow more and more.

Our IDE is a very simple web interface allows you to find and configure your clock with a few clicks.

  • Complete web interface
  • Online compiler
  • Upload for assets (images)

(*) For the moment this functionality is free but in the future there would be a small fee.